Sun Sawed in 1/2 Elephants into Swans album imageSun Sawed in 1/2
Elephants into Swans

Coming in Summer, 2012!

Sun Sawed in 1/2 Bewilderbeest album imageSun Sawed in 1/2

Ken Kase plays guitar and sings backup on most of the first 12 tracks. Piano on "Painting". Songwriter and lead vocalist on "Song No. 11". Lead vocals on "Still Rain" Credited as co-author on "Beholder and His Eye".

  1. Kiss Her Like You Mean It
  2. The Beholder and His Eye
  3. The Kyiv Sea
  4. Me, Myself and Eye
  5. Shining Knight
  6. Shiny Objects
  7. Song No. 11
  8. Denny's Lounge
  9. Everything Goes
  10. Painting
  11. Today I Fell
  12. Still Rain
  13. Settle Down
  14. Kiss Her Like You Mean It
  15. Marigold (unreleased 1990)
  16. Tangerine Queen (unreleased 1990)
  17. The Change (unreleased 1990)
  18. Good On You Instumental (unreleased Bewilderbeest Track)

"Kase's sole composition, "Song No. 11," is haunting bipolar pop. It joins an Association-ish murk of dissolving harmonies with a chugging, high-strung verse. Kase's full deck of talents is a catalytic bridge for the band, lending them a winning hand with the arrangements and production." — Jordan Oaks, Riverfront Times