Ken Kase Group Collected Works album imageKen Kase Group
Collected Works 1997-2008
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Release Date: October 11, 2011
This album brings together three releases by the Ken Kase Group, including Extended Play-No Waiting (1997), Stereophonic Nervous Breakdown (2000), and the three song single, Shiner (2008).

  1. Pauline
  2. Manifest Destiny
  3. Walk Right In
  4. I Guess Your Word
  5. Coffee House of Doom
  6. Theraphosid
  7. An Achromat's Tale
  8. The Names of the Roses
  9. Window
  10. Everything Changes When You're Old
  11. Insincere Apology
  12. Your Calendar
  13. Lemon Merengue
  14. I Spy
  15. Shiner
  16. File Under This
  17. Chocolatown
  18. Shiner (Demo)

"A decidedly pop combo with a beguiling new CD, Extended Play — No Waiting. Few bands in St. Louis have as much jangle per minute, and in such songs as 'The Coffee House of Doom', the band adds a dash of ska for flavor. We wish there were 20 more bands just like them!" — Joe Williams, St. Louis Post Dispatch

"Kase's pop is intricate and blithe, a tribute to his passionate vigilance and the band's youthful virtuosity. In the baroque, jazzy invention, his biting, comic voice, and the viciously parodic lyrics, one can hear Zappa's playfulness and gravity. When Kase's voice burrows into the low, growly registers, he finds the soulfulness of R&B, a sign that he and his band's growth is worth following." — Roy Kasten, Riverfront Times

"Nervous breakdown? More like an acute case of split personality! On the one hand, the Group sound like the intelligent pub rock of Nick Lowe, Elvis Costello and Squeeze. On the other, the sophisticated heady pop of XTC, Jellyfish and the Wondermints. In the former category, songs carry themselves with drive and edge. In the latter, tracks display magic chord changes and thoughtful arrangements." — Kevin Mathews, Power of Pop Magazine (Singapore)

"[Stereophonic Nervous Breakdown is] a splendid collection running the gamut from cool slithery rock and roll ("Theraphosid") to funky workouts ("I Spy") and pure pop (the hugely appealing "Everything Changes When You're Old"). Great band, great songs." — Claudio Sossi, Shake It Up (Toronto)