Spurling KKG-01 © 2021 Ken Kase

Spurling KKG-01

This guitar was made for me by luthier Sean Spurling. Spruce top, Madagascar rosewood back and sides, Spanish cedar neck, ebony fretboard, Australian lace and Madagascar rosewood headstock, adjustable sound port, K&K pickup. The adjustable sound port allows you change the voice of the guitar and mic it in different ways. Plays beautifully, sounds terrific. You can hear it on the title track of the Birthday People's Welcome to the Poorhouse.

Spurling Bass © 2021 Ken Kase

Spurling Bass

This is a J-style bass with Alumitone by Lace pickups. Spanish cedar body, maple neck and a rosewood fretboard. This instrument has an incredible growl and a massive sound. Very versatile. Neck has been replaced since this shot was taken, bringing the scale length from 34" to 32". You can hear it on several of the tracks on Mantovani Boogie Man.

Rickenbacker 330 © 2021 Ken Kase

Rickenbacker 330

I bought this guitar new in 1992 and I've never regretted it. It has a very distinctive sound and look and the neck is very comfortable for my small hands. Maple body, maple and walnut neck, rosewood fretboard. You can hear this guitar on tracks 6-14 & 17 of Collected Works 1997-2008, "They Called Off the World Today" from Welcome to the Poorhouse and on Bewilderbeest.

G&L ASAT Classic © 2021 Ken Kase

>G&L ASAT Classic

This is a 1998 semi-hollow guitar with Fender Custom Shop '63 Tele pickups. Ash body, maple neck and fretboard. It's a great sounding and great playing guitar that I tend to reach for most of all. You can hear it on "Unfiltered Kings" from Mind Control Dance Party, most of Mantovani Boogie Man and many tracks on Welcome to the Poorhouse.