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Release Date: October 11th, 2011

This album brings together "Extended Play-No Waiting" (1997), "Stereophonic Nervous Breakdown" (2000), and the three song single, "Shiner" (2008). Also included is a bonus track, a demo version of "Shiner".

From 1995 to 2009, musician Ken Kase wrote songs, released a smattering of recordings and tried to keep a live band together in the St. Louis music scene. While a respectable following and lots of stage time didn't exactly lead to stardom, his intelligent, hook-laiden songs and the Ken Kase Group's shifting personnel of top flight local players earned critical praise and a reputation for a great live show. The songs are catchy and smart, echoing classic pop and rock touchstones while retaining their own distinctive and consistent style. These tracks chronicle the efforts of a man on a mission with a revolving cast of solid musicians to help put his songs over.

From the liners: "You have to be a little crazy to get a band together and make a go at being successful, but believe me, all of the people who contributed to making this music are crazier than I am. It's one thing to be the instigator, to be the guy with a bunch of songs who sets out to convince others to follow his star. It's quite another to put your faith in such a madman, to work long hours for a pittance, to toil in obscurity in service to someone else's pipe dream. I tried to make it our pipe dream, to instill in everyone a sense of ownership of what might be if we worked hard enough. We never got rich or famous, but we made some great music together, had some great times and learned an awful lot along the way. To everyone who was ever a member of the KKG, the music on this album is dedicated. " --Ken Kase, October, 2011